Feedback questionnaires are crucial in helping us in our endeavor to achieve perfection.  They facilitate in our continual improvement process.  They help us to understand and work upon our weak areas.  Businesses, Service Providers, Teachers, Writers, infact, everybody who wants to improve, relies on feedback questionnaires to help them.  They are a source of first hand information about a product/ service or anything which is the surveyor’s responsibility.

Feedback questions must help to bring out both positive and negative aspects.  The positives can help in motivating, while the negatives can help in tiding over these shortcomings and improving on them.

It is important to include a note of introduction to help the respondent understand that this feedback is crucial in the process of improvement.  In the long run it is the respondent who may be benefitted because of the improvement.  Do remember to thank the respondent for taking time out and giving an unbiased opinion.

It is best to include additional suggestions/comments section at the end of the questionnaire, as the respondents can give a wider viewpoint.