A feedback questionnaire template is a file format developed for use in questionnaires that require the respondent to input his or her answers in a similar format. This makes analyzing the survey conducted using such questionnaires much simpler. Such questions are especially common on online surveys, where questionnaires are sent to the respondents via email, or simply posted on an organization’s website where every web visitor is requested to take the survey.  The firm conducting the survey can design a template that caters for all the questions that need to be asked to the respondents. Alternatively, the firm can avoid the much work needed in designing one and instead an already designed template from the web.

Below is a feedback questionnaire template for a hotel:

Please rate the following aspects of this hotel’s food quality

Disagree                         Neutral       Agree

  • The food served here is fresh and tasty_____________
  • The variety of foods contained in the menu is good enough_____________________
  • The quality of food served here is outstanding_________________
  • I received a complete and correct order______________________
  • The waiters served me in good time_____________________
  • I was provided with napkins, sauces and all the necessary utensils_________________
  • I received value for my money__________________
  • The beverages served were of high quality_______________
  • The prices provided in the restaurant were competitive______________
  • The service I received was excellent_______________
  • The employees who attended me were easy to communicate with__________________
  • The entertainment  in the restaurant was of good quality_________________
  • The menu was easy to read
  • The menu was clean and presented in a good manner_____________