A fashion style questionnaire is the set of questions used to gather information on the personal style preferences/ tastes of the individual filling in the questionnaire. The questionnaires are used by fashion houses/ individual fashion stylists etc to assess the personal style of the target customer base.

The assessment helps them provide the customers with what they like and hence grow in the industry.

Sample Fashion Style Questionnaire

Fill in the following personal details:

Full Name:

Age/ age group:


Job description:



Fill in the answers to the following questions:

1. Which of the following clothing item do you prefer the most?

a. Jeans and tees

b. Jeans and shirts

c. Formals

d. Skirts

e. Dresses

f. Shorts

2. Are you more of a shoe person or more of a heels/ pumps person?


3. What type of heels do you prefer to wear most often?

a. Flip flops

b. Stilettos

c. Wedges

d. Platforms

e. Flats

f. Other, please specify______________

4. What sort of the bag do you prefer carrying the most? (can pick multiple options)

a. Duffle bag

b. Pack back

c. Jute totes

d. Sling bags

e. Huge totes

f. Purses

5. What type of shades do you generally dress up in?

a. Bright colors like yellow, orange.

b. Dark colors like black, brown, dark green etc.

c. Pastel colors

d. Whites and its variations

e. Blacks and blues

6. Do you like to accessorize a lot?

a. Yes

b. No.

7. If answer to above question was yes then kindly specify the types of accessories you prefer.


8. Do you like to color coordinate your accessories, shoes and bags with your clothes?

a. Yes

b. No.

9. How do you mix the shades you wear?

a. Contrast

b. Matching

c. Opposite

d. Blocks

e. Other, specify _________________________