A questionnaire which has been framed by fashion brands or companies so as to get the feedback of the masses about their fashion related preferences is known as a fashion research questionnaire. Any such questionnaire lets the companies know about the taste of the people when it comes to fashion so that they can bring about the necessary changes in their collection etc. these questionnaires are a good method to conduct research and know what would work and what wouldn’t sell. The following is a detailed sample of a fashion research questionnaire which can be used for your reference:

Sample Fashion Research Questionnaire

Name of the respondent:

Age of the respondent:

Gender of the respondent:

Residential address of the respondent:

Contact number of the respondent:

Height of the respondent:

Weight of the respondent:

Kindly answer the following given questions. Please answer all the questions in the spaces provided:

Q1. Would you call yourself a fashion conscious person?

a)      Yes, very fashion conscious

b)      Yes

c)      Not very fashion conscious

d)     Not at all

Q2. What do you prefer wearing out of the following?

a)      Casual wear

b)      Formal wear

c)      Semi formal wear

d)     Ethnic wear

e)      Office wear

f)       Party wear

g)      Beach wear

h)      Other(please specify)

Q3. Do you think that it is important to pair your clothes with fashion accessories etc?

a)      Yes, I think it is very important

b)      Yes quite important

c)      Not very important

d)     It is not important at all

Q4. Which is your pick out of the following footwear?

a)      Sports shoes

b)      Formal shoes

c)      Pencil Heels

d)     Wedges

e)      Slippers

f)       Flip flops

g)      Floaters

h)      If, other(please specify)

Q5. What according to you is the definition of fashion?


Q6. Which are your favorite fashion brands? Name your top 5 picks.