Fashion questionnaire is a set of questions which are meant to survey/ analyze people’s clothing preferences. This helps fashion designers incorporate new and consumer friendly ideas into their designs

Fashion Questionnaire Sample

  1. Fashion to you is:
    1. Looking cool and hip
    2. Looking sober and mature
    3. Conformability
    4. A way to express my inner self
  1.   Your favorite fabric
  2. Your favorite color is:          ________________________________
  3. Before buying a garment, do you judge if it will suit on you or not?
  4. Do you buy clothes considering your body shape?
  5. Have you ever bought clothes out of impulse and later regretted?
  6. Your favorite designer?
  7. Who is your fashion icon?
  8. Are you affected by fashion trends by celebrities/ models?
  9. What is the fashion style you like the most?
  10. What is the fashion style you dislike the most?
  11. Do you also buy accessories, shoes and make up matching up to your clothes?
  12. How much do you spend on buying clothes monthly or annually?
    1. Cotton
    2. Lycra
    3. Jeans
    4. Silk
    5. Linen
    6. Other:       _____________________________
  1. Which are the places you buy most of the clothes from?
    1. Super markets and shopping malls
    2. Designer boutiques
    3. Fashion shows and exhibitions
    4. Branded retail outlets
  2. Do your friends complement your fashion style?
  3. Do you shop for clothes during festivals and occasions or all year round or both?
  4. What according to you should always be there in every man’s wardrobe?
  5. What according to you should always be there in every woman’s wardrobe?
  6. Ideal look of a man according to you:
  7. Ideal look of a woman according to you: