A fashion product questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is used by fashion companies to know the kind of fashion products or accessories that are most loved by the masses. Any such questionnaire helps these companies to know the popular choice and make changes in their collection to fit the preferences of everyone.

A fashion product questionnaire may consist of both multiple choice questions and also subjective questions. You can refer to the following given sample of a fashion product questionnaire if you have any confusion or doubt about the same.

Sample Fashion Product Questionnaire

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Kindly take out a few of your precious moments to answer the following given fashion product questionnaire:

Q1. Do you like to add accessories or fashion products with your fashion wardrobe?

a)      Yes, always

b)      Yes, sometimes

c)      Not always

d)     Never

Q2. Which is your favorite fashion product or accessory?

a)      A purse

b)      A wallet

c)      A belt

d)     A necklace

e)      Earrings

f)       Hair band

g)      Hair scarf

h)      Bracelets

i)        Other(please specify)

Q3. Do you think that fashion products enhance your look at any occasion?

a)      No

b)      Yes

c)      Yes, a lot

d)     Sometimes

Q4. Do you believe in spending as much on fashion products as on clothes?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. To what extent do you think that the existing fashion products satisfy your needs?

a)      To a large extent

b)      Completely

c)      Not to a large extent

d)     Not at all

Q6. Do you think that a person who doesn’t accessorize is boring and lacks fashion sense?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. Which brand do you prefer to buy most of your fashion products or accessories?


Q8. Would you like to add anything about fashion products and their importance?