A fashion personality questionnaire helps people to find out the kind of fashion personality they have. Any such questionnaire is drafted by a fashion company and distributed among customers or clients in order to help them discuss their fashion choices, preferences, styles etc.

These questionnaires have multiple questions which can be both subjective and objective in nature. In order to find out about a fashion personality questionnaire, you can go through the following given sample of a fashion personality questionnaire:

Sample Fashion Personality Questionnaire

Name of the respondent:

Gender of the respondent:

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Are you someone who loves fashion?

(If your answer is yes, then please answer the following given questions which are a part of a fashion personality questionnaire)

Q1. Your family members and friends would describe your fashion sense as?

a)      Always proper

b)      A trendsetter

c)      Flirty and glamorous

d)     Stale and boring

e)      Other(please enlighten us)

Q2. You change your purse or belt as often as?

a)      Whenever the outfit demands me to

b)      At each party

c)      Every year(I don’t care)

d)     Every week(I do care a little bit)

Q3. What kind of shoes do you like wearing?

a)      Sport shoes

b)      High heels

c)      Cowboy boots

d)     Slippers

e)      Floaters

f)       I prefer being without footwear

Q4. On a night out with your friends, what would you prefer wearing?

a)      A comfy jeans and T-shirt

b)      A pajama and loose tee

c)      A formal dress/outfit

d)     Something offbeat

e)      Depends on where we are headed

Q5. If you had to choose your favorite fashion era, what would it be?

a)      Sixties

b)      Seventies

c)      Eighties

d)     Nineties

e)      The current time period

f)       The medieval times

Q6. What is your ultimate fashion philosophy?