A fashion model questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which a modeling agency hands over to the aspiring model applicants so as to know about their basic qualities, specifications and preferences when it comes to fashion. These questionnaires can prove to be helpful for the agencies to shortlist a few models who they would prefer to hire.

Fashion model questionnaire usually consist of a series of questions which are well framed and effective in knowing the important details about the applicant. Given below is a sample of a fashion model questionnaire that can be used for reference by any person.

Sample Fashion Model Questionnaire

Name of the applicant:

Contact number of the applicant:

Email address of the applicant:

Residential address of the applicant:

Age of the applicant:


Height of the applicant:

Weight of the applicant:

Color of the hair:

Hair length:

Color of the eyes:

Kindly answer the following questions correctly and in the spaces provided:

Q1. What are your hourly rates?


Q2. What kind of a fashion profile are you looking for?

a)      Swimwear

b)      Ethnic wear

c)      Formal wear

d)     Beach wear

e)      Casual

f)       Lingerie

g)      Artistic nude

h)      Print ad

i)        Glamour

j)        Fine art

k)      Other(please specify)

Q3. Please give the details of your vital stats (females) or chest size (males).


Q4. Would you be willing to shoot outdoors and out of station if required?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. Would you be willing to work during night shoots etc?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q6. Do you have any tattoos on any part of the body?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. What is your shoe size?


Q8. What all parts of your body are pierced?


Q9. Are you?

a)      Employed

b)      Full time employed

c)      Half time employed

d)     Unemployed

Tick the correct choice.