A fashion marketing questionnaire is an effective tool which helps a person or an organisation to know about the fashion preference of shoppers and identify what are the latest shopping trends in the market. By knowing what the consumers are inclined towards, a fashion house, designers or a company can create and stock up on those kinds of clothes at acceptable prices.

Sample Fashion Marketing Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Gender: ______________

Date of Birth: ________________

Phone Number: ________________

Address: ____________

Email id: _____________________________

1) What is your employment type?

a) Salaried

b) Self-employed

c) Student

2) What is your current occupation? ___________

3) What is your annual income?

a) Less than $100,000

b) $100,000 to 200,000

c) More than $200,000

8) How often do you go shopping for new clothes or accessories?

a) Once a week

b) Twice a week

c) More than twice a week

d) Once a fortnight

9) Approximately, how much do you tend to spend per shopping trip?

a) Less than $100

b) $100-200

c) $200-500

d) More than $500

10) What inspires you when you choose clothes?

a) Fashion shows

b) Magazines

c) TV shows, movies

d) Friends, family

e) Fashion blogs

11) What is your style of fashion?

a) Casual

b) Formal

c) Dressy

d) Sporty

12) What period do you generally spend most on shopping?

a) Holidays

b) Summer

c) Winter

d) Others

13) What are your criteria when shopping?

a) Comfort

b) Price

c) Style

d) Brand

14) Where do you usually go shopping?

a) Malls

b) Discount stores

c) Teen outlets

d) High-end designer showrooms

e) Online