A fashion market research questionnaire is a tool which helps clothing and accessories companies to find out what kind of clothes does the consumer prefer and how much are they willing to pay for it. According to the responses, they can create the kind of clothes in demand by the people and fix a price which will appeal to all.

Sample Fashion Market Research Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Gender: ______________

Date of Birth: ________________

Phone Number: ________________

Address: ____________

Email id: _____________________________

1) What is your employment type?

a) Salaried

b) Self-employed

c) Student

e) Others

2) What is your current occupation? ___________

3) What is your annual income?

a) Less than $100,000

b) $100,000 to 200,000

c) More than $200,000

8) How often do you purchase new clothes, accessories, shoes etc?

a) Once a week

b) Twice a week

c) More than twice a week

d) Once a fortnight

e) Others

9) On an average, how much do you spend every shopping trip?

a) Less than $100

b) $100-200

c) $200-500

d) More than $500

10) Who or what do you take inspiration from when buying clothes?

a) Fashion shows

b) Magazines

c) TV shows, movies

d) Friends, family

e) Celebrities

f) Fashion blogs

g) Others

11) What kind of clothes do you prefer buying?

a) Casual clothes

b) Dresses, skirts

c) High-end

d) Cheap

e) Athletic

f) Others

11) What type of retail outlets do you prefer going to for shopping?

a) Malls

b) Discount stores

c) Teen outlets

d) High-end designer showrooms

e) Department stores