A fashion design questionnaire is a tool used to assess the fashion design preferences of the individual answering the questions. The questions included are generally the types that ask the individual about his/ her preference in the clothing design, types/ patterns etc.

The entities using these questionnaires may be designing studio/ organizations, individual designers etc. The answers help the evaluator provide the individual with designs as per their tastes and needs.

Sample Fashion Design Questionnaire

Personal Details:

Full Name:



Employment Status:

Marital Status:

Contact No.:

Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability:

1. How would you describe your body type?


2. Which of the following clothing type do you believe suits you the most? (you can choose multiple options)

a. Jeans

b. Trousers

c. Shorts

d. Skirts/ dresses

e. T-shirts

f. Shirts

g. Tops

3. When going out with friends how do prefer to dress?

a. Casual

b. Semi casual

c. Mix n match

d. Dressy

4. What do you look for when shopping for clothes?

a. Design

b. Cut

c. Color

d. Fit

e. Style

f. All of the above

5. Is there any specific pattern of clothes that you like? Specify.


6. Are there any designers that you follow? Specify.


7. Do you frequent any design or fashion websites to keep tabs on the latest designs in the market?

a. Yes

b. No

If yes than kindly specify the websites


8. Specify the item of clothing in your closet that you think suits you the best.


9. Do you prefer shopping for clothes only from selected brands?

a. Yes

b. No.

If yes then kindly mention the name of your favorite brand(s)


10. Write down anything else (not covered in the questions above) that you would like to tell us about your design and clothing choices.