A fashion consulting questionnaire is a document that is used to access the fashion styles or preferences of the individual filling the questionnaire. They are generally used by personal stylists, personal shoppers or similar entities to assess the tastes of the individuals they are serving.

Sample Fashion Consulting Questionnaire

Name of respondent:

Contact No of respondent:

Address of respondent:

Email address of respondent:

Please fill in the following details about your bodily appearance or characteristics: –

1. According to you which has been the best era for fashion and style?

a) The 60s

b) The 70s

c) The 80s and 90s

d) The modern era

e) Other ( please specify)

2. Pick one of the following preferred fashion statements?

a) Denim jeans and fitted tops/t-shirts

b) Loose pants with loose T shirts for the male gender

c) Short skirts with bright colored tops for females

d) Flared pants with shirts

e) Fitted or skinny jeans with proper accessories

f) __________________[mention one of your own fashion style statements]

3. Do you agree that confidence and the way a person carries a piece of clothing play an important role for one to look fashionable?

a) Yes, strongly agree

b) Yes

c) No

d) Not at all

4. What styles do you prefer wearing or what styles do you mostly wear?

a. Formal/ business

b. Classic/ ethnic

c. Country

d. Casual

e. Leisure/ laid back

f. Artistic

g. Trendy

h. Edgy

5. Do you relate to or admire any celebrity fashion style? Is yes then give specifics.


6. What colors do you usually wear or feel look best on you?


7. What do you look for in a piece of clothing while shopping? (like fit, style, texture, material etc.; mention all the aspects you wish)


8. What stores or brands do you generally shop from/ at?