A fashion client questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which is drafted by a fashion company or a fashion brand so as to know the opinions or viewpoints of its clients and to get collective feedback from the entire client base.

These questionnaires are effective in letting the fashion companies know about the preferences of the clients so that they can modify their collection and products to suit the needs of all. A fashion client questionnaire also lets the clients know that the fashion company takes their opinions into consideration. A sample of a fashion client questionnaire has been provided below:

Sample Fashion Client Questionnaire

Name of the client:

Date of birth of the client:

Gender of the client:

Residential address of the client:

Mobile phone number of the client:

Email address of the client:

Please take out a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Q1. How long have you been a client of this fashion brand?

a)      0-1 year

b)      1-3 years

c)      3-5 years

d)     More than 5 years

Q2. How would you rate the collection we have at our store?

a)      Excellent collection

b)      Good collection

c)      Average collection

d)     Needs improvement

Q3. What is the best thing about this fashion brand according to you?

a)      The amazing collection

b)      The good ambience of the store

c)      The staff cooperation

d)     All of the above

Q4. What would you say about the quality of the products sold by our brand?

a)      Excellent quality

b)      Good quality

c)      Average quality

d)     Bad quality

Q5. What are your opinions about the pricing of the products?

a)      Items are highly priced

b)      Items are aptly priced

c)      Items are low priced

Q6. Would you recommend this brand to other people?

a)      Yes, I would surely recommend

b)      No, I wouldn’t

c)      I may recommends