There are numerous factors to be considered for questionnaire questions. Few of those factors to be taken into account are –

  • The main course of the research.
  • The particular topic of the research to be performed.
  • The nature of the query and its analysis – quantitative or qualitative or both.
  • The selection of the focus group – whether a segment of a particular ethnic community or a customers of a certain kind of a service.
  • The size of the sample of the respondents – this further depends on the area and objective of the research.
  • Whether the questionnaire is to be prepared for mainly a deep theoretical study – in that case the questions are required to be open-ended, rather unstructured.
  • In cases of interview-administered questionnaire, the questions need to be structured or close-ended. This is done so in order to get definite answers for the questions so that the collection of data is streamlined. Moreover, in situations when it is required to choose a candidate for a specific job, his/her technical knowhow is assessed in a tidy manner.
  • The construction of questionnaire questions must avoid unnecessary jargon, typos and grammatical errors. In presence of these flaws, there is a probability of the respondents losing interests in taking the questions.
  • It must be kept in mind that questionnaire questions in relevant circumstances should provide with a space to express neutrality of the participant while opining about a particular issue. In this manner, the flexibility of the questionnaire is taken care of.