A written or oral questionnaire which is framed for the purpose of gathering information on the management of a facility is known as a facility management questionnaire. These questionnaires are aimed at knowing the various techniques and strategies of facility management and based on the answers of different people, a general conclusion is drawn.

The questions asked in any such questionnaire may be both objective as well as subjective in nature. Given below is a sample of a facility management questionnaire which can be taken in use for referential purpose.

Sample Facility Management Questionnaire:

Name of the respondent:

Name of the owner of facility:

Address of the facility:

Contact number of owner:

Email address of the owner:

Type of facility:

Kindly answer the questions which are given in the following lines.

Q1.How much area does your facility occupy?


Q2. How many floors does your facility have?


Q3. Does your facility take help from a facility management service provider or an independent facility manager?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q4. If your answer is no, then please state the reasons behind it.


Q5. Which out of the following is your preferred facility management technique?

a)      Manpower that has been provided by sub vendors

b)      Manpower that has been provided under direct payroll system

c)      Other (please specify your own technique)

Q6. What are the various cost cutting methods employed or implemented by your company/facility?


Q7. Have you been effectively able to manage your facility and ensure its smooth running?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q8. Give reasons for your previous answer.


Q9. Do you think that employing more facility managers in your facility will result in better results or outcomes?

a)      Yes, strongly

b)      Yes

c)      Not really

d)     Not at all

Q10. How much do you spend on facility manager for one month?