Organizations have to be informed of their former staff’s perceptions of their organization when the employees leave the organization. Such information is very important in the purview of reviewing the organizations effectiveness – reinforcing strong areas and improving on the weak areas. An exit interview questionnaire effectively serves this purpose. Since it is the former employees who understand the undertakings in the company, the information they deliver can be used by the remaining employees and new recruits to increase the organization’ output and popularity. The questionnaire should therefore be designed in a way that enables the exiting employees to express themselves freely about the company. Example:

1. What is your major reason for leaving? __________________________

2. Did any occurrence trigger your verdict to leave? _______________________

3. What did you like most about your job? _______________________

4. What events were least pleasing about your job? ___________________

5. If you were to continue working with the organization, what would you require changed in order to improve your job? __________________________________

6. Did your job roles turn out as you had anticipated? ________________________

7. What would you wish to be changed in order to ensure that a person working in your former capacity satisfies customers more? _________________________

8. Comment on training and the organization________________________________

___________________________. Did you get adequate support from your supervisors in the course of your duties? ____________________________________

9. What was the relationship between your performance of various tasks and feedback from the senior management? Please explain briefly___________________________

10. Comment on the company’s merit review technique _______________________