A business questionnaire can serve several purposes; for starters, it can be used as a guiding tool to investors to identify the type of business that is most suited for them. Secondly, financiers can use the same to gauge the viability of a business, thereby deciding whether it is worth financing or not. Most questionnaires contain a mixture of open-ended and closed-ended questions. Because there are no right or wrong answers in the questionnaire, a respondent can answer the questions without the fear of being wrong. In established businesses, the business questionnaire is used to gauge how the specific business measures up to similar businesses in the market place.


Business Name________________________________________

Business Address________________________________________

Q1.  Would you rather be employed or running your own business? _____________

Q2. Running your own business requires dedication, discipline and passion. Do you think you have such? ______________

Q3. What is your plan of expansion in the next three to five years?

Q4. What do you expect as the monthly income from this business?





Q5. Have you been able to meet the set income targets? _____________

If not, what do you think explains that? _____________________________

Q6.  How much time do you devote to this business per week?

?Less than 5 hours

?A maximum of 10 hours

?10 to 20 hours

?40 to 60 hours

Q7. If you were to start this business again, what would you do differently?


Q8. How much can you invest in employee training? ___________

?Not more than 50,000 dollars annually

?A maximum of 100,000 dollars annually

?A maximum of 250,000 dollars annually

?I don’t train