Marketing research questionnaire example is an illustration of a questionnaire that deals with marketing research. A marketing research questionnaire is designed with questions that act as a tool for obtaining information. The answers drawn from these questions are used to make the necessary conclusions. Marketing research questionnaire as the name suggests deals specifically with marketing issues such as performance, competition and sales. Marketing research can be carried out by any of the stakeholders in the market. A marketing research questionnaire can be made on many topics that would allow one to find out about the different issues that affect the market.

Marketing research questionnaire example on the effect of security on marketing

Personal details

Name ____________________________

Age   __________________

What type of business do you own?

Sole proprietorship _________    Partnership _________ Corporation ______

Where is your business located?

_____ In a public market in the neighborhood

_____ In a business premise in the town centre

_____ In my house

Please answer the following questions with a ‘yes’ or no’

Is your business registered with the government?


Is your business insured against theft?


Can customers shop from your business very early in the morning and late at night without having the fear of insecurity?


Do you think that your business is secure in your current location?


Has your business ever encountered theft?


Do you transport goods that might need tight security from your business to other areas?


Does the government through the local authorities in your area offer adequate security for businesses?


Have you hired a private security firm to guard your business?