A demographic questionnaire is intended to establish specifics about a selected issue in the society. It can be used to gauge political or religious affiliation, the literacy levels in the society, the unemployment level as well as the association between illiteracy, political consciousness and economic performance in a selected population sample. Such questionnaires are invaluable to governments, private sectors and marketing firms since they are used to gauge the population’s opinion on government policy and product placement depending on gender, race and social class. Demographics questionnaires are different from demography questionnaires in that the latter focus on population studies, while the former focus on polling for marketing, advertising or media studies.

Questionnaire Example:

Q1. Gender

Male _________female______

Q2. What is your befitting social status?

Upper class____________

Upper-middle class_____


Lower class ____________

Q3. What is your age?

Below 18 years_________

18 to 24 years__________

24 to 30 years__________

31 to 40 years__________

41 and above __________

Q4. What education level have you attained so far?

High school diploma____________

Bachelor’s degree______________

Master’s degree________________

Doctorate ____________________

Q5. What is your religious affiliation?





Other (please specify) _________


Q6. What is your political affiliation?




None _________________

Q7.  What kind of leaders do you prefer?

Mature, wise and democratic leaders___________

A young robust leader who is ready to try new leadership methods___________

A leader who is young yet wise______________________

Am not sure _________________

Q8. Do you think older people should retire from public service?

Yes.  They should leave the positions for the young________________

Yes.  But they should train the young well before retiring____________

No. Their service and expertise to the country is unmatched__________

Not really. They should work together with the youth. ______________