An event satisfaction questionnaire is used to collect the feedback from the participants of an event. The questionnaire helps in identification of plus points of the event that was conducted apart from letting the organizers know the loopholes if any. These types of questionnaires include wide array of questions depending upon the needs and requirements.

Sample Event Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of the participant                    ____________________

Address of the participant                 ____________________

Phone number of the participant       ____________________

Email address of the participant        ____________________


1)      Please tell us the name of the event that you participated in?

a. Social Event

b. Ladies Event

c. Sports Event

d. Kids Event

e. If any other, please specify?

2)      Were you able to get all the necessary information in advance?

  1. Yes, I got all the details
  2. No, I did not got the complete information.
  3. I got partial information.

3)      Do you feel that you were received well and treated well during the event?

  1. At all times during the event
  2. Sometimes during the event
  3. Rarely during the event
  4. Never during the event

4)      Was there a quick response to your problems or doubts?

  1. Always during the event
  2. At sometimes during the event
  3. On few occasions during the event
  4. Never during the event

5)      Do you agree that you were informed correctly about any changes in the event in advance?

  1. Always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Rarely
  4. Never

6)      What did you liked the best about this event?


7)      What improvements could have been made in this event?