Event Questionnaires are mostly of two types. One is a pre-event questionnaire that includes questions regarding event planning for instance how various arrangements have been planned and how the entire event would go about. This is mostly given to the event planner to answer. The other is a post-event questionnaire; this may be answered by the event organizer or even by those who attended the event to gather their views about the overall event.

The below mentioned questionnaire would mostly focus on post event questions.

 Sample Event Questionnaire Questions

Name of the Participant: _____________________

Gender: _______________

Date of Birth: ____/____/____

Address: ____________ City: ___________ State: ___________ PIN: _____________

Phone Number: ______________

Email Address: _____________________

How well in your opinion did the event go?

a)      Very Well

b)      Excellent

c)      Average

d)     Below Average

Was it the first time you had planned an event?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Since how long have you been into this profession?

a) Less than a year

b) 1 year to 3 years

c) 3 years to 5 years

d) More than 5 years

Which all events have you organized prior to this one?


What is the one thing you liked the most about this particular event?


What in your opinions were the loop holes in the overall event?


How many weeks/ months were you given to plan and prepare for this event?


How would you rate this event on a scale of one to five?

a)      1

b)      2

c)      3

d)     4

e)      5

What kind of feedback did you get about the event from the people present at the event?

a)      Excellent

b)      Very Good

c)      Good

d)     Average

e)      Poor

How was your overall experience about organizing the event?