Lots of decision making needs to be done before an event takes place. Thus in order to do beforehand planning before the event an event planning questionnaire is required. This questionnaire is helps to decide the budget and tentative date of the event. This questionnaire is mostly used by event management companies.

Sample event planning questionnaire:

Name: ______________

Name of organization: ___________

Designation: __________________

Office address: _________________

Office contact number: ______________________

Personal contact number: __________________

Email id: _________________

1. What is your event about?

a) Educational seminar

b) Business conference

c) Social service or charity related

d) Promotion of a product

e) Sales meeting

f) Networking event

2. What is the budget allocated by your organization for this event?

a) Ten thousand dollars or less

b) Fifty thousand dollars or less

c) One hundred thousand dollars or less

d) More than one hundred thousand dollars

3. What is your estimated attendance for the event?

a) One hundred or less

b) Five hundred or less

c) One thousand or less

d) More than one thousand

4. Where will the event be taking place?

a) Within office premise

b) Outside office premise

5. If the event is taking place outside the office premise, have you decided on a venue?

a) Yes

b) No

6. Do you have any sponsors or plan to look for sponsors for this event?

a) Yes

b) No

7. Will there be any requirement for audio visual presentation in the event?

a) Yes

b) No

8. Will be there be any requirement for arrangement of catering for this event?

a) Yes

b) No