An Equity Market Research Questionnaire is a questionnaire which includes questions that helps to assess the current market condition of equity. These types of questionnaire also include questions that help to know the interest of individuals as well as companies in various types of different equities.

Sample Equity Market Research Questionnaire

Name of the person ____________________

Age of the person _____________________

Name of the company where an individual is working_________________

1. Have you made any investment in any type of equity?

a. Yes

b. No

2. If the answer to the above question is yes, then please provide details of your investment?

3. How much investment have you made in various equities?

a. Less than 50,000

b. Between 50,000 to 1,00,000

c. More than 1,00,000

4. According to you which type of equity in the current market will give best results?

5. Which type of the following equity do you prefer to invest in?

a. Short Term

b. Long Term

c. Fixed

d. Flexible

e. Others

6. If given a choice would you prefer to invest in equity, bonds or any other form of investment? Please provide details?

7. Through which source would you like to make your equity investment?

a. Through equity exchange

b. Over the counter

c. If any other please mention

8. Which form of equity investor do you prefer to be?

a. Primary

b. Secondary

9. According to you what is the current position of equity market?

a. Very Risky

b. It’s just OK, neither profitable, nor risky

c. Very profitable and lucrative

d. Others please specify.