Equity investment questionnaire is one that acquires information from an investor on the investment in equity market. Through these questionnaire the investor’s preferences in the equity market is ascertained. Apart from these this questionnaire also helps to assess the income and investment pattern of the investor. It is important that this type of questionnaire is drafted carefully as it contains some sensitive information. To help you build this type of questionnaire, below are some sample questions.

Sample Equity Investment Questionnaire

Name:                     __________________________________

Occupation:           __________________________________

Address:                __________________________________

Contact No:            __________________________________

Birth date:               __________________________________


Q1) What per cent of your total income do you invest in equity?


Q2) Have you invested before or this is the first time you are investing in the equity market?


Q3) Why are you investing in equity market, tell us the reason by select an appropriate option from below choices?

a. For long term gain
b. For short term gain
c. For high returns

Q4) What is your total income per year?


Q5) Are you investing in the equity market from your personal savings or borrowed money?


Q6) What is the percentage of your total income that you are willing to invest in equity and stock investment immediately?

a. less than 25 per cent

b. more than 25 per cent

c. between 25 to 40 per cent

d. more than 50 per cent

Q7) Have you made gains from your investments in the equity market previously?

a. Yes

b. No

Q8) What factors do you usually consider before making investments in equity?

a. Safety of investment

b. Return on investment

c. Flexibility in investments

d. Other reasons Pl provide here _______________

Q9) Are you satisfied with you equity investment assistance company at present?

a. Yes

b. No

Q10) Do you possess good knowledge about equity investments or take assistance from investment company for the same?

a. Have good knowledge

b. Rely on investment company advise