An employee engagement questionnaire is useful for organizations to determine employee engagement. The results of this survey are used to establish the relationship between high scores and superior job performance of specific employees. The answers are confidential and employees are encouraged to complete the questionnaire. Below is a sample employee engagement questionnaire.

Sample Employee Engagement Questionnaire

Choose the answer that best describes how you agree with the following statements using the following key:

* Strongly disagree

* Disagree

* Agree

* Strongly agree

My work responsibilities are reasonable ___________

My participation and views in this organization are valued __________

The leaders in this organization are role models _________________

I can communicate directly with my bosses’ ________________

My bosses motivate me _________________

The people I work with are professional ___________

My contributions are received positively ________________

All employees in this organization are treated equally _____________

I am proud and happy to work for this organization ____________

I am confident that I can get ahead in this organization because of my merits ___________________

I am involved in the performance of the organization ________________

I can easily communicate with my bosses and co-workers ______________

I trust my colleagues and senior management _________________________

I have enough resources to get my job done best __________________

Are there enough opportunities in the organization for you to be able to learn and grow? __________________________________________________________________

Does your job make you feel important? ____________________

Do you agree with the mission and the vision of the organization? _________________________________________________________________

Are you happy with the stress release programs offered by the organization? _____________________________________________________________

How would you suggest that management rewards staff who have performed well? ________________________________________________________________