Energy market research questionnaire is a well drafted document considering the views and opinions of people regarding the sources of energy. Such questionnaires include questions about the knowledge and details about such sources and other information about them.

Sample energy market research questionnaire

1. Name ____________________ 2. Age__________ 3. Sex _______________ 4. Phone number _______________ 5. Address ___________________ 6. E- mail address __________________ 7. What comes in your mind as you hear about energy efficient light bulbs? __________________________________ 8. Please tick the various forms which you have come across in case of CFLs a) Light tube b) Normal CFL c) Candle shape d) Reflector e) Others ( please specify) f) Have not heard of any of the above mentioned 9. According you how much longer the CFL bulbs last in comparison to traditional bulbs? a) 3 times b) 5 times c) 10 times d) 20 times e) Half f) Third g) Same 10. All electronic equipments are energy classes, have you seen the “energy class” before or noted the energy labels? a) Yes b) No 11. Have you ever used CFL’s in your house? a) Yes b) Never c) Don’t know 12. Number of CFL bulbs installed in your house _______________ 13. Have you seen CFL bulbs anywhere other than your house? a) Yes b) No 14. What factors influence your purchase of CFLs? a. If they are on sale b. They are environment friendly c. They are modern d. They are very popular among friends e. Energy is very expensive these days and CFL’s are cheaper.