An energy management questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is framed by a survey conducting group to analyze the various energy management and conservation methods used by companies, stores or other organizations. These questionnaires may also be targeted to individuals, households etc.

The purpose of an energy management questionnaire is to know how the targeted group or company saves or manages the energy sources. The answers of various respondents can be used to evaluate the wastage level of energy and help the survey conducting organization to pass judgement or results. Given below is a sample of one such questionnaire.

Sample Energy Management Questionnaire:

Name of company:

Name of respondent

Date of survey:

Email address of respondent/company:

Official address of company:

Website name:

Contact number of the respondent:

The following is an energy management questionnaire. We request you to take out a few minutes to answer all the given questions in the spaces that have been provided.

Q1. What is the type of industry you belong to?


Q2. What was the electric unit consumption of your workplace?


Q3. What was the electricity bill that you paid last month?


Q4. Please give the details of the captive power generation for last month.


Q5. Please tell us about the primary fuel consumption of your workplace incurred in the last month in your company.


Q6. What kind of fuel do you use for most of your operations (If any)? Give the answer for your workplace.


Q7. What is the rated capacity of production for your workplace?


Q8. What were the actual figures of production?


Q9. Give the details about the plant load factor (if any) as far as your workplace or industry is concerned.


Q10. What is your annual turnover (in dollars)? Give the actual amount.