In the competitive environment of today there is constant need for leadership empowerment by bringing about the required changes to the plans and policies of the firm so as to gain higher level of success. The leadership empowering questionnaire helps the firms to know as to how they can help the leader improve the performance of all its employees and hence achieve further growth in its business ventures. The questions are aimed at all the employees of the firm and so as to catch an insight into how they perceive the management/ leadership and what changes they believe must be brought so as to improve the performance of all in the office.

Sample Empowering Leadership Questionnaire




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1. Mention your job profile/ position in the company:


2. How would you rate the current working environment of the business?

a. Very good

b. Good

c. Average

d. Bad

3. Would you like to suggest any changes to the working conditions of the business? Specify.


4. Do you believe that your superiors are well organized and handle all the responsibilities/ the office staff efficiently?


5. Would you like to bring any changes to the current management situation? Specify.


6. How would you describe the equation amongst the employees?


7. Describe the employee relation with the superiors or the management leaders of the firm.


8. Would you like to suggest any general changes in the policies or plans of the firm which you believe will help improve performance? Specify.