Evaluating employee performance and satisfaction are some of the key duties of the human resources department. Depending on the objective that the human resources department seeks to accomplish, the questionnaire can contain questions that seek to measure employee loyalty, their job satisfaction, identify areas where cost-cutting measures can be enforced, or areas where employee morale needs to be boosted. It is common knowledge among employers that a well motivated or satisfied employee is an asset to the company. More to this, by asking their opinions about how they are handled in the company, employees feel valued thus increasing their chances of enhancing their productivity and handling customers better.


Use “strongly agree”, “Disagree”, “Somewhat agree”, “Agree’, “Strongly agree” or “Not applicable” to answer questions below

1.I am fully aware of my employers business strategy _________

2.I fully understand what my employer is trying to achieve in business management and customer satisfaction_________

3.The department I work in gets sufficient support from the Human resources department_________

4.The promotions in the department I work in have been fair and result-oriented_________

5.I get sufficient compensation for the work I do in the company_________

6.I am fully at peace with my job_________

7.I am adequately motivated  for my work_________

8.My manager is fun to work with since he/she encourages innovation and creativity_________

9.There is minimal fear of failure in my department and therefore we are free to experiment on various things_________

10.My supervisor or manager shapes relations and job attitudes within my department_________