Selective employees are requested to fill up an employee training questionnaire. Their answers help the employers or higher official to determine whether the person requires undertaking a particular type of training to excel in his or her own career and also serve the company better with the newly acquired knowledge and experience.

Sample Employee Training Questionnaire

Name: _______________________________________

Job title: _____________________________________

Job code: ____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Contact number: _______________________________

1. For how long have you been working for this company?

a. Less than 1 year

b. 1- 5 years

c. 5-10 years

d. 11 – 15 years

e. More than 15 years

2. Which is the course you wish to be trained in? _______________________________

3. According to you, what would be the optimum duration of the training?

a. 4 – 6 weeks

b. 8 weeks

c. 6 months

d. 1 year

4. What type of training do you need?

a. Certificate course

b. Diploma course

5. Why do you need to undergo training?

a. To get promotions in the same department

b. To laterally move in the office

c. To effectively learn new technologies and implement them

6. Which one would you prefer?

a. Working part time at the office and undergoing training at the same time

b. Getting trained at a full time basis

7. What is your choice regarding the venue of the training?

a. At close proximity to your place of work or office

b. Near your residential area

8. Are you open to travelling out of state for training?

a. Yes

b. No