The function of the employee satisfaction survey questionnaire is to evaluate the workplace practices within any given organization.  Practically, the employee satisfaction survey questionnaire is used to assess issues to do with employee satisfaction levels and wellbeing. The responses submitted by different employees in an organization highlight the impact of the company’s policies, programs, as well as procedures. The feedback is therefore crucial for the management of the organization to come up with more detailed procedures that promote employee satisfaction in the workplace. The questionnaires are usually issued at given intervals to evaluate the level of satisfaction at different times. Below is a sample employee satisfaction survey questionnaire.

State whether you agree, are neutral or disagree with the following statements:

You are optimistic about the future of the company__________________

You are optimistic about your future with the company _____________

You are proud to be working with the company_____________

You are more optimistic and want to work for this company more that you did about a year or so ago____________________

You feel that this company cares about its people ___________

You feel that you are working with a type of company that will lead you to where you have always wanted to be _____________

The company provides equal opportunities for both men and women __________

You are satisfied with your understanding of the goals as well as direction of the company ____________________

The company leadership offers opportunities for positive change_____________

The leadership responds to important internal and external issues ____________