An employee interview questionnaire is meant to gauge the level of motivation, initiative or general satisfaction that employee have towards their employers. The interview can touch on matters of compensation, benefits, motivation, workload and treatment by superiors.  Such a questionnaire can also be used to gauge if the employees need further training in order to meet the company objectives. In other cases, the same can be used to gauge who among the employees deserve pay increases or promotions. Most organizations employ the services of external researchers to formulate and administer the interview questionnaires. In other cases, the company’s top management interviews all employees.



Department: _________________________

Employment Date________________________

Q1. What types of training have you received ever since you joined this company?

Q2. How was the different trainings done and did you notice any differences among them?

Q3. Have you ever worked with equipments XYZ?

Q4. How would you define your experience working with them?

Q5. Do you think further training would enable you to use the equipment better?

Q6. Define the procedure that you follow when accomplishing task Y with equipment XYZ

Q7. What are the prescribed safety procedures when operating equipment XYZ?

Q8. Do you follow them to the latter?

Q9. Have you ever noticed specific malfunctions in equipment XYZ?

Q10. Did you alert the right authorities?

Q11. How do you rate your technical capabilities when handling equipment XYZ?  Give reasons

Q12. What is the most outstanding contribution you have ever made in your department?

Q13. Did you receive recognition for it?

Q14. Would you be comfortable with more responsibilities in this organization?