An employee career planning questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions that helps to plan the career of an employee in the organization. This is an evaluation process used by the employers in order to evaluate its employees. These types of questionnaires assess the current qualifications and skill sets of the employees and depending upon them the further career of the employee is designed or decided.

These questionnaires help the employees to have a career path that matches up with their skills and capabilities. A sample of employee career planning questionnaire is given below.

Sample Employee Career Planning Questionnaire

Employee name: _______________

Job position: __________________

Department: __________________

Extension: ____________

Email id: _____________

Date of joining: _________________

1.  How satisfied are you with your job responsibilities?

a)  Very satisfied

b)  Satisfied

c)  Somewhat satisfied

d)  Not satisfied at all

2.  Are you looking forward to change in the current job position?

a)  No, I am happy

b)  Yes, I am looking for a change

3.  What kind of work profile do you feel would be suitable for you?


4.  What are your educational qualifications?


5.  Give a brief history of your work experience?


6.  Do you feel that the job position that you have justifies your educational qualification?

a)  Yes, they do satisfy

b)  Somewhat, they justify

c)  No, they don’t justify at all

7.  Are you planning to pursue higher studies and if yes what kind of course do you wish to pursue?


8.  Do you feel that you need training in order to develop your skills and if yes what kind of skills do you intend to develop?


9.  What changes would you like to see in your present day job profile?

10.  How would you like to see yourself professionally after five years?