An employee attitude survey questionnaire offers an insight into the work behavior and attitude of an employee. It throws light on what the employee offers the organization using their various skills sets. The standard employee attitude survey helps in presenting an accurate picture of an organization’s requirements or needs. The result of an employee attitude survey questionnaire provides an organization with the understanding of how their employees perceive them and is conducted mostly by the HR department.

Employee Attitude Survey Questionnaire Sample

Name of the employee: ________________________________

Employee Number: ________________   Department: ________________________

Email: _________________________

Joining Date: ____//____//_________

Q1. Do you feel your organization is employee centric?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. What type of work environment does your organization offer?

a)   Excellent

b)   Very Good

c)   Neither good nor bad

d)   Not the best

e)   Poor

Q3. Which of the following skill sets has the organization helped you to develop?

a)   Creativity

b)   Innovation

c)   Satisfaction

d)   Senior Management

e)   Interpersonal Relations

f)    Functional Expertise

g)   Compensation

h)   Ability to Listening

i)     Customer Service

j)    Communication

k)   Obtaining Results

l)     Analytical Thinking

m) Mentoring

n)   Strategic Leadership

  • o)   Teamwork

p)   Adaptability

q)   Staff Development

r)    Leadership

Q4. Which of the following training and development programs have been initiated by your organization?

a)   Training with assessment

b)   Employee development programs

c)   Employee orientation programs

d)   Process training

e)   Mentoring

f)    Field training

g)   Special skills training

h)   Training and job rotation

Q5. Which of the following type of rewards are offered by the organization for performance?

a)   Monetary rewards

b)   Travel tickets

c)   Holiday vouchers

d)   Medals and trophies

e)   Special scholarships

f)    Special trainings

g)   Promotion

Q6. Does the organization recognize you for your achievements: small or big?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. Does the organization communicate a clear sense of direction?

a)   Yes

b)   No