Education training questionnaire is prepared by educational institutes to assess the quality of training they are providing in relation with the understanding of students. It is distributed among students to know their understanding about the training program. It can be distributed either by mail or by physical distribution. Education training questionnaire helps institutes in forming strategies for future and to assess if there is any loophole in the education system.

Sample Education Training Questionnaire

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                                _________________

Contact Number:                _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Age:                                      _________________

Qualification:                       _________________

Institute name:                     _________________

Q1. On a scale of 5, how would you like to rate the training that you have been given? (1 is for worst, 2 is for poor, 3 is for average, 4 is for good and 5 is for excellent)

A)    1

B)    2

C)    3

D)    4

E)     5

Q2. What are the components that you liked most about this training program? Please write in detail.

Answer ____________________________________________________________________

Q3. Was this training program helpful for you?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q4. How was the quality of faculty appointed for this training program in terms of knowledge level and teaching pattern?


Q5. Are you satisfied with the content covered in the training?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q6. Did training program meet with your expectations? Please tell us the reasons in detail if it did not meet with your expectations.

Answer ____________________________________________________________________

Q7. What do you think about the quality of training program?

A)    It was outdated

B)    It was not good

C)    It was good but not updated

D)    It was updated and increased our understanding about the subject area in depth

Q8. Do you think that timing of scheduling this program was perfect? Please write if you think that there can be other better timings than this.

Answer ____________________________________________________________________

Q9. If you have any suggestion, complaint or compliment about the training program then please write in the space given below.

Answer_____________________________________________________________________             ___________________________________________________________________________