Education session evaluation is very important for all the organizations that are into education business. Several institutes that organize many sessions of lecturers on different topics are very keen to get the feedback of those sessions from students so that they can increase the quality of sessions. Now days it has become very important for all education provider to self asses the quality of the sessions which they conduct each day.

To evaluate the quality of sessions they prepare education session evaluation questionnaire and distribute these questionnaire among students to get the response. On the basis of the response certain changes are made in course structure if necessary.

Sample Education Session Evaluation Questionnaire:

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                               _________________06

Contact Number:                _________________

Email id:                              _________________

Age:                                       _________________

Course details:                  _________________

Q1. How long have you been with the institution?

A)   One month

B)    Two to Six months

C)    Six months to one year

D)    More than one year

Q2. How do you find the quality of lectures that you receive in different sessions?

A)    Excellent

B)    Good

C)    Neither good nor bad

D)    Worst

Q3. Do teachers have prior experience of teaching the same topic?

A)    Yes

B)     No

Q4. Are all the teachers able to deliver the quality sessions up to your expectations?

A)   Yes

B)    No (Please write down the specific reason) __________________________________

Q5. Do you find all the classes on time? Please write in detail if there is any deviation from the schedule that was promised by institution earlier.

Answer ____________________________________________________________________

Q6. Please write in detail if you have any issue with lecturers. Issue can be with regard to their teaching quality or any other aspect.


Q7. If you have any suggestion or complaint or compliment about the management of the institute or teachers or teaching quality then please write down in detail.