Education forms the major backbone of our society. It trains an individual, develops his reasoning power and decision making power. A well educated person does not depend on anybody else for anything. He gets confidence, knowledge and potential to acquire what he wants. If every citizen is educated then the country will certainly prosper in all fields.

The purpose any education questionnaire is to get a feedback from parents, teachers, school principals and other person related to education. This helps the education sector to make any changes in the existing teaching pattern. To conduct this questionnaire you have to go to schools rather than going on streets, restaurants or shops. So selection of a right place is important.

You can keep a brief set of questions which are simple and succinct. They should solve the purpose of your research at the same time not consume much time of the targets.

People always find boring to write long answers so it is always good to include answers and leave boxes for tick marks. You can take account of close ended questions.

There should not be direct mention of any educational institution or a person. The data collected from the survey should be analyzed and used correctly to improve the education system.