An education questionnaire template is a format of an education questionnaire which consists ready to use questions related to education and academics. These questionnaires are prepared by organizations concerned with the improvement of the education system. Education questionnaires are helpful when they are distributed on a large scale for example in schools and colleges.

Sample Education Questionnaire Template:

The following is a sample of an education questionnaire template which can be tailored to fit in the appropriate choices or can even be used without any alterations:

[Name of the institute] is an organization which helps in providing education and education related modifications in the system. We would like you to fill the following:

  1. Name: [Name of the person filling the form]
  1. Age:    [Age of person]
  1. Pursuing: [Current position in academics]
  1. Gender:    [male/female]
  1. School/university: [name of school or university]
  1. Do you like to attend school/college:

[Options/choice, for example a) Yes   b) No]

  1. I plan to continue my education till:


  1. I have enough information required to go for higher education in future:


  1. I might need to gather information and knowledge before entering college:


10.   My teachers help to teach me about the scope of education:


  1. I believe that education helps to develop skills and personality:


  1. I do not have enough resources to attain proper education:


Thanks for filling the complete form. We would get back to you with the results as soon as possible. The information provided shall remain confidential.