Educational questionnaire sample is a sample of an educational questionnaire and the purpose of such questionnaire is to provide parents and teachers a feedback related to education of their child. This helps the educational sector to modify or change the existing system and convert it into a better one. To carry out the questionnsire, the organization must choose the right place like schools or colleges to target students. The questions must be easy to understand and the answers expected must be short and precise.

Sample Educational Questionnaire:

ABC  institute of educational services is conducting a survey which includes the following questionnaire. Please fill he questions precisely to help us make necessary changes in the educational system-

  1. Name:
  1. Age:
  1. Name of School/college:
  1. City:
  1. Gender:
  1. Address:
  1. I really want to do well in school/college:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

8.   My friends aren’t really interested in school/college:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

9.   I often discuss my school/college work with members of my family:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

10.  When do you plan to leave education completely?

a) During school   b) after school    c) after graduation   d) after higher studies

11.   I feel I know enough about my aim to help me go for graduation?

a) Agree    b) Disagree

12.   Describe your ambition in one line:

13.  Do you think education helps in building personality on an overall basis?

a) Yes       b) No

14.   Do you understand what is taught in your school/college?

a) Yes       b) No

Thanks for filling the form. It shall be of great help.