Education questionnaire format is a pre-conceived format that researchers and educational institutions can use to find out more about specific student competencies, about student requirements, quality of teaching and much more.

Sample Education Questionnaire Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the student]

Address: __________________________ [Home Address of the student]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the student (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the student]

Class/Grade: ________________________ [Class/Grade of the student]

School: ______________________________ [Name of the School]

First Question: [The First Question should contain some of the basics like: which are the favorite subjects, what type of education do they prefer (indoors/outdoors), Do they like the school environment, do they have friends etc. These types of questions will help in offering information on the student’s outlook of education and all that is related to it]

Second Question: [The second question needs to be education driven. It should question the students about their educational interests and other related activities like summer projects, quizzes, essay writing competitions etc. These will highlight if the education being provided to the student is of the right degree or more needs to be done]

Third Question: [The third category of questions should be meant to find out what they feel about the school/institution and the staff. Questions should include: Is the faculty friendly or are you happy with the way the staff treats you or does your teacher prefer theory or practical?]

Fourth Question: [The fourth category of questions should ask the students what according to them is lacking in the education system. Questions can be multiple choice and should be like: which of the following should be added to the curriculum or which of these according to you have not been included in the curriculum etc]


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