Education motivation questionnaire is a document which is used to assess as to how motivated a student feels in a particular class or an institute. These types of questionnaires help to know the motivational level of the students and the various factors that affects it. Motivation at an institute is very important as it helps the students to learn and perform in a better way. These types of questionnaires are distributed to the students and on the basis of the responses received from them, the needed changes are made.

Sample Education Motivation Questionnaire

Name:                                     _________________

Address:                                _________________

Contact Number:                  _________________

Email id:                                _________________

Age:                                        _________________

Qualification:                        _________________

Institute name:                    _________________

Q1. Do you prefer class work? Please select the best option from below.

A)    I want to avoid work at home

B)    It gives me chance to learn anything twice, once in class and second time at home

C)    I do it because my teacher wants me to do it

D)    I don’t prefer class work

Q2. How do you feel when teacher announces in class about a surprise test?

A)    I feel scared as I don’t know anything

B)    I think about giving any excuse to teacher to avoid the test

C)    I am so nervous and I can’t remember anything during test

D)    I feel confident and take it as an opportunity to assess myself

Q3. Do you pay attention to all the lectures during classroom sessions?

A)   Yes

B)    NO

C)    Almost All

D)   To some extent

Q4. Are you able to understand what is taught in class?

A)   Yes

B)    No (Please tell us the reason for it) __________________________________________


Q5. Do you think that you can use your classroom knowledge into your practical life? Give   us a detailed description about it.


Q6. Please write if you have any query or suggestion or complaint about anything in our institute.