Education is a vital part of our live. It enables us to become independent and to stand on our own feet. Education feedback questionnaire is prepared by educational institutes with the prime objective of getting consistent, timely, critical and effective feedback from students. Education feedback questionnaire also helps management in deciding the best management practices to attract more students and to provide them a high quality learning experience.

This questionnaire is distributed among students by institutes at the end of the education program. Main objective of distributing questionnaire at the end is to know the views of students about the course or program.

Sample Education Feedback Questionnaire:

Name:                                    _________________

Address:                               _________________

Contact Number:                _________________

Email id:                               _________________

Age:                                      _________________

Qualification:                       _________________

Institute name:                   _________________

Q1. How did you find the session?

A)    Very helpful and full of knowledge

B)    It was good

C)    It was not helpful for us

D)    Worst experience ever

Q2. Please tell about the teaching technique used by trainer/ teacher in the class?

A)    The technique was very practical approach was used

B)    Stress was more upon theory rather than practical implications

C)    It was mixture of both practical and theoretical aspects

D)    It was boring

Q3. If you think that any improvement is needed in teaching style then please write in detail about it. Why do you think that it is needed?

Answer. _____________________________________________________________


Q4. What do you think about the behavior of trainer/teacher during classroom session?

A)    He/She was very professional and cooperative

B)    Ordinary

C)    Not cooperative

D)    Very bad

Q5. What are the things that you liked most during classroom training program? Please write in detail


Q6. Would you like to take our services in future?

A)    Yes

B)    No

Q7. Please write if you have any suggestion/comment/ complaint or compliment.

Answer. _____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________