Education feedback questionnaires are tools that may be used by educational institutions/ educational bodies/ monitoring bodies etc. They use these questionnaires to get firsthand experience or feedback from the student i.e. the individuals who have taken up a certain course.

The basic purpose of such questionnaires is to get an evaluation of the students’ feedback. The result of the evaluation is then used to help the respective institution bring about the changes required to improve their performance.

Sample Education Feedback Questionnaire




Course chosen:

Contact details:

Name of the instructor:

Kindly answer the questions listed below:

1. Were you provided with a proper reading list of the material to be covered under the course?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Was the reading list up to the mark?

a. Yes

b. No.

3. Were the readings and papers to be covered as a part of the reading list easily available?

a. Yes it was

b. Most of it was

c. Only some it was easily available

d. None of it was easily available.

4. What would you say when asked about the information provided/ available on the topics of study?

a. It was more than sufficient

b. Little more information needed

c. A lot more information needed

d. Information was completely inadequate.

5. Was the instructor assigned to you for the course able to explain the material properly?

a. Yes

b. No

c. He/ she could have done a better job

6. Do you believe that the time frame for completion of the course enough in keeping with the content?

a. Time was more than enough

b. A little more time needed

c. There was not enough time at all.

7. Were all your objectives for joined this course satisfied?

a. Yes

b. Mostly

c. No.

8. Are there any suggestions you would like to make? Elaborate.