An education assessment questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is used by the educational body/agency of a state or a country to assess the kind of education imparted in the state’s schools, colleges and other educational institutions to the students.

These questionnaires are distributed in educational institutions and have to be answered either by the higher authorities or by each student depending upon the exact nature of the questions. Given below is a sample of an education assessment questionnaire which is meant to be answered by the principal of a school.

Sample Education Assessment Questionnaire:

Name of school: _______________

Address/location of school: ________________

Zip code: ____________________

Contact number of school: __________________

Email address of school: __________________

Website URL of school: ________________

Name of Principal: ______________________

Kindly answer the following questions to help assess the kind of education being imparted in your institution.

Q1. What all classes or grades are taught in your school?


Q2. How many teachers have you employed in your school?


Q3. Are these teachers enough or sufficient for providing the education to the students?


Q4. Is any book or content taught in your school which is not as per the guidelines syllabus?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q5. If yes, then please explain the reason of teaching this content.


Q6. Do you think that education can be only imparted to students through books?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q7. What all other interactive methods of imparting education does your school incorporate?


Q8. What percentage of students on an average does this school promote each year?


Q9. Please select one of the relevant choices given below.

a)      Students are marked in accordance with the content given in book

b)      Students are allowed to answer in their own words

c)      Students are allowed to refer to other books while studying

d)     No extra information is welcomed in the answer sheets of students