An education and training questionnaire is used to know if a student or an employee is eligible for training or requires training about a particular topic or not. Based on the responses, a training module can be set which would help the individual increase his knowledge and also let the trainer know what he is looking for.

Sample Education and Training Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of Birth: _________

1)   Do you work full-time or part-time?

2)   How long have you been working here?

3)   What problems do you face in the classroom while teaching something?

4)   How do you tackle those problems?

5)   Why do you want to participate in an education and training programme?

6)   In which areas do you think you require help?

7)   How would getting trained in these areas aid you in doing your job better?

8)   Do you have any goal or plan on how to go about teaching your students in this academic year?

9)   Are you aware of the content of the education and training programme?

10)               Would you recommend this education and training programme to others?

11)               What are you looking for in this training module?

12)               If given a chance, what would you like to change in the education and training programme?

13)               Please mention the fields where the faculty may benefit from a training session.

14)               How important do you think it is to keep teachers updated about the latest teaching techniques and development in the world of education?