Early school personality questionnaire is a questionnaire that is designed for children between the age range of six to eight that is for children who are about to join primary school. The reason for conducting this questionnaire is to analyze the emotional as well as conduct disorders of the student and also understand the factors that can affect the performance of these children. These questionnaires are used by schools in which the student may be taking admission or already studying for the benefit of the teachers.

Sample Early school personality questionnaire

Name: _______________________

Address: _____________________

Date of birth: _________

1. Which standard are you studying in?

a)      First standard

b)      Second standard

c)      Third standard

d)     Fourth standard

e)      Fifth standard

2.What kind of child do you think you are?

a)      Reserved

b)      Warmhearted

c)      Other (please specify): ________

3. What kind of student do you think you are?

a)      Bright

b)      Dull

c)      Intelligent

d)     Average

4. With which kind of behavior do you relate most?

a)      Shrewd

b)      Helpful

c)      Kind

d)     Polite

d)     Other (please specify): ________

5. Are you a very shy child?

a)      Yes, very much

b)      Somewhat shy

c)      No, not shy at all

6. How would you feel if you were scolded in front of the whole class?

a)      Embarrassed

b)      Insulted

c)      Apologetic

e)      Other (please specify): ________

7. Do you consider yourself mischievous?

a)      Yes, very mischievous

b)      To a certain extent mischievous

c)      Not mischievous at all

8. What affects your feeling very easily?