Due diligence questionnaire is a set of questions which aims at collecting precise information about a party (which may be a company, organization or individual). These questions help a company finalize a deal or carry out a transaction with the party which is being investigated upon.

Sample Due Diligence Questionnaire

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  1. Capital management

a)    Who are the founding members of your company?

b)    Who are the investors in your company?

c)     What are the vested interests of your investors in your company and what are your strategies to fulfill them?

d)      Is your company listed in the stock exchange? If so, what is the graph of your share values in the recent past?

2. Employees management

a)    What is the total employee strength of your organization across all locations?

b)    What percentage of revenues is spent on reimbursements, bonuses, performance based allowances etc?

c)     What are the agreement clauses that your employees are bound to abide by and what are the company’s commitments to them regarding termination, relocations etc?

d)    What are the lifestyles, medical and other facilities which the company extends to its employees at various levels?

3. Financial Management

a)    Which banks manage your finances, corporate accounts etc?

b)    Mention clearly any existing debts, credits or loans. Furnish all the relevant documents

c)     Mention the authorities who are responsible for sanctioning and reviewing budgets.

4. Asset Management

a) What is the total cost of liquefiable and non-liquefiable assets of your company?

b) How much does your company spend annually on the maintenance and upgrading?

of infrastructures?