A distance education questionnaire is used to find out if the good effects of a distance learning programme are actually creating a difference in the lives of students and also to study what more can be done to make the programme more successful. By reading the responses of the students and teachers the loopholes in distance education can be fixed.

Sample Distance Education Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of Birth: _________

Gender: __________

Name of school or college: ___________

1)   What is the percentage of full time and distance education students in your educational institute?

a)   Full-time

b)   Distance education

2)   What is the success ratio of the distance education students in terms of exam results? ________

3)   Are you happy with these results? __________

4)   What are the problems faced by you when it comes to make distance education effective and successful? _________

5)   What do you plan to do to counter the problems? _________

6)   Are you happy with the financial resources allotted to your institute for distance education? ________

7)   How much was allotted in the previous academic year and how did you put it to use? ______

8)   Do you hold classes for distance education students at study centres across the country?

a)   Yes

b)   No

9)   Do you think technology can help in making distance education successful?

a)   Yes

b)   No

10)               Have you ever tried any of the following?

a)   Video conferencing

b)   Classes on radio

c)   Classes on TV

d)   Meetings in study centres