A disaster management questionnaire is a tool which is used to find out the effectiveness of the disaster management of an organisation. This type of questionnaire includes various questions related to the disaster department of an organisation so that necessary changes can be made according to the needs.

Sample disaster management questionnaire:

Name of the organisation: _________________

Department: ___________________________

Phone number: ______________________

Website: ____________________________

Q1: Is the disaster management team in your organisation is fully aware about the associated risk factors and have solutions for the same?

  • Yes
  • No
  • To some extent

Q2: Have all the disaster prone area identified to encounter with the estimated risks?

  • Yes
  • Yes. Many of them
  • Not yet

Q3: The identified areas are prone to which of the following risks?

  • Flood zone area
  • Seismic hazards
  • Spread of devastating health risks
  • Possible natural climate changes

Q4: According to the evaluated risks, what disasters plans are needed for the organisation?

  • Sufficient shelter food & cloths
  • Antibiotics and medical kits
  • Transportation to help the effected people
  • All of the above
  • If any other please mention

Q5. Is any kind of technical support needed at the backend?

  • Yes
  • No

Q6: State clearly if any kind of warnings and precaution measures are related to this project?


Q7. Mention the associated failure fears with this disaster management program?

Q8. What changes can be made in your existing disaster program so as to make it even more effective?