Questionnaires are an effective method of collecting information from participants in any given research. Their design should be such that the information collected can be generalized to a larger population from which the sample is taken. A well-designed questionnaire can be used to gather information about a particular organization or the trend in a given occurrence. The design can also be tailored to suit a very particular group and therefore collect very specific information. Questionnaires should therefore have very precise designs in order to meet the purpose for which they designed. Below is a sample questionnaire on family planning methods.

Family planning methods questionnaire

Gender___________ Age_________________ Area of residence________________

How many children do you have as a family? __________________________

Please state their ages below





Have you and your partner used any family planning method? __________

If your answer to the above question is yes, please tick the method(s) you have used or are using from the list below


Intrauterine devices (IUDs) ____

Condoms _________

Injections _________

Use of calendar ____________

Other ____________ (Please specify) _________

How did you learn about the family planning method(s) you have selected above? Please tick the appropriate given options

By doctor’s advice___________

From the media__________

Own family decision___________

Other ____________ (Please specify) __________

If you have been using particular family planning method(s), for how long have you been doing this? _________________

Have you noticed any side effect as a result of using the family planning method(s)? ____________

Have you and your partner ever considered another family planning method? ____________ If yes, which one? _______________